Progress in 2022

The 2022 report is the fifth annual CSR report prepared by Mercuria and the data and commentary refer to our activities in the 2022 calendar year.

As outlined in this report, Mercuria uses KPIs in order to measure, report and set targets on progress. These metrics will be defined so that they can serve as quantifiable tools that can show the milestones achieved. Mercuria has offered its support for the WEF’s measuring stakeholder capitalism white paper and will aim at including the frameworks’ metrics within the Group’s CSR strategy. We are currently working on producing some metrics relating to our activities that will reflect our support for this initiative.

2022 welcome statement

Marco Dunand, Mercuria’s Chief Executive Officer, introduces the 2022 CSR report.

2022 summary numbers

A glance at some of the key numbers and metrics that describe  our progress in 2022.


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