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The main themes we are reviewing for our people KPIs are inclusiveness, diversity, equality, health and well-being and skills for the future. So far we have collaborated with our assets and human resources and we present below diversity and inclusion, and health and safety KPIs.

Diversity & inclusion

Our heterogeneous and diverse workforce reflects Mercuria’s global mindset and its open and inclusive culture.

Global presence

International workforce





Originating from over 65 nationalities, Mercuria’s work-force spans the entire globe and shows the highly international profile of the company.

Gender balance


Women on management committees


of managers are women

With woman comprising around one third of the workforce, the company shows an evolving gender equality ratio, at all levels, including in managing positions. We continue to work on ways to further improve the balance of this ratio. Gender equality is an area of focus during our hiring processes around the world.


Largest age gap


Average age

6 yrs

Average tenure

Mercuria’s diversity can also be seen from the company’s age profile. Employee ages range from 21 to 75 years old, with the average age being 41. The average tenure of an employee is 6 years.

Health & safety

As described in the people pillar, as part of choosing our business partners and service providers, we include within our Know-Your-Counterparty process, enquiry into their having similar HSE standards and commitments to our own. While our reporting metrics include individuals from those partners and service providers that are working for us as contractors, we do not otherwise look to report upon incidents concerning our business partners’ separate operations or events concerning other employees they may have who are not providing services to or acting as a part of the operations under Mercuria’s operational control or oversight.

For both itself and those assets where we have some operational oversight, Mercuria had very positive health and safety results for the 2022 calendar year. During this period there were no injuries reported that were either to such an extent that formal medical attention was required for their treatment, or even more seriously that any injuries had occurred where full-recovery would not be possible, or injuries resulting in permanent incapacity, or death.

We attribute these positive results to the ongoing efforts throughout Mercuria and within our assets and joint-ventures to place the priority for safe and responsible operations ahead of all other business concerns. This attention can be seen across a broad range of attributes from operational planning or design, to development of procedures and training provided, to the support functions, tools and protective equipment provided across the organization. While this past year’s results were particularly welcome, we also continue to recognize that there are inherent risks tied to all our physical activities requiring our constant vigilance and ongoing efforts toward risk mitigation.

* Exclusive of motor vehicle crashes where initial medical attention is offered or given to all parties involved.

** Concerning Mercuria’s employees / contractors.

For clarity concerning these statistics, we did not include incidents resulting in only minor injuries where formal medical attention was not ultimately found to be required (i.e., “first-aid only events”). Further, in all instances of a potential injury, we will direct and assist any person to the attention of medical professionals. We do not include in our counts medical consultations where no injuries meeting either of our defined severity classifications have occurred.


We are pleased to report on a number of corporate initiatives at Mercuria that demonstrate our commitment to our employees’ well-being. We take pride in our efforts to foster a positive work culture that supports our employees’ well-being, growth, and development and have introduced several programs over the years to improve our employees’ health, safety, and well-being.

Around the world, we make programs available to employees include gym classes, fitness activities, and wellness workshops designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent illnesses.

In North America, these efforts have been recognized by Cigna, a global health services company, who have awarded us a bronze-level award for healthcare for our commitment to supporting our employees’  health and well-being. The Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation evaluates organizations based on the core components of their well-being program, including leadership and culture, program foundations, program execution, and whole person health.

MM Marine photo competition

At Mercuria we are proud of our seafarers and the extraordinary work they do, spending long periods of time on our vessels. Last year, we held a photography competition for our seafarers across MM Marine to give a glimpse of the lives they lead at sea. The initiative was a huge success and we were overwhelmed with the response – nearly 1000 entries across the 5 categories Life At Sea, Nature & Wildlife, Our Beautiful Oceans, The Environment We Live In, and Vessel Bunkering Operations.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and celebrate the winners in each category and the overall winner;
✔ Life at sea: ‘Seafarer (Oiler) taken by Jan Dominic Detablan onboard ‘TILOS’
✔ Nature & Wildlife: ‘Offshore bird’ taken by Omar Surmanidze onboard ‘KITHINOS’
✔ Our beautiful oceans: ‘Nature’ taken by Romel Delos Santos onboard ‘ITHAKI’
✔ The Environment We Live In: ‘See you tomorrow untired king sun’ taken by Jordan Colderia onboard ‘TILOS’
✔ Vessel Bunkering Operations: ‘Another milestone for Minerva Bunkering continuous station expansion’ taken by Nelson Dela Cruz onboard ‘TILOS’
✔✔ Overall winner: ‘Beautiful dawn Vancouver’ taken by Iurii Melnikov onboard ‘KASSOS’

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