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Connecting markets. Advancing the energy transition.

Mercuria remains committed to its founding ambition of creating a diversified global energy Group.

We are constantly evolving our expertise and capabilities to remain at  the forefront of the energy industry. Because of this effort and unwavering commitment, we are now one of the world’s four largest independent energy traders, with proven success across all aspects of the energy landscape.

Our purpose

Mercuria’s purpose is to bring energy markets together to support the needs of today, and advance the energy transition for tomorrow.

The global energy system needs reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. Mercuria is committed to contributing to a better energy system that achieves and balances these needs.

We connect markets by bringing together buyers and sellers, while promoting fair and efficient trade. We are advancing the energy transition by investing and partnering in new businesses and technologies. And it is by harnessing our distinctive capabilities that we enable our customers to secure their energy needs and access sustainable supply chains.

Our vision

Mercuria has leading positions in the diversified industry sectors and products in which it competes. As a Group we also have ambitions to transform both the way the industry operates and the industry itself. We see our role and values in two fields in particular.

Firstly, we have a fundamental role to play in the global energy transition. We need to contribute to the global effort to combat climate change and to help the world achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. As such, we are working hard to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, and as part of our commitment to be net zero by 2050, we have offset our Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions for 2022. We have continued to diversify our energy mix, actively moving towards our goal of trading and promoting cleaner energies. We are also well ahead of our goal that over 50% of our investments will be into the energy transition by 2025, having so far invested in over 50 companies that provide renewable and sustainable energy solutions. We have also established a process of identifying and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including carbon emissions, to assist us in progressing towards our goal and to provide more transparency to our stakeholders on our activities, our challenges and our solutions.

Secondly, we seek to bring cutting-edge technology into the industry to advance the way participants communicate, track, log, process and finance commodity transactions. In particular, we have taken a leading position in three financial-technology (FinTech) ventures that will introduce blockchain technology to improve the speed, efficiency and security by which commodities are traded around the globe. We believe that the way for the industry to revolutionize and be disrupted is to work together to bring about real success and change.

Our business model

Mercuria is a global energy and commodities company with a unique business model that combines three distinct areas of expertise:

  1. Trading of physical commodities
  2. Acquisition and management of physical assets
  3. Providing bespoke financing solutions to companies active in the sector

This combination of disciplines positions Mercuria perfectly to lead the way in the energy transition. The work of these teams complements one another, allowing Mercuria to provide complete solutions for clients and other stakeholders.

Compliance is a core value at Mercuria, and the company is committed to conducting business in a manner that meets industry and geographic regulations and its high ethical standards.

Mercuria’s holistic approach to the energy transition means that while the trading team is focused on optimizing supply chains and rebalancing markets, the investing and structuring team can focus on more complex structures that combine trade flows, risk management, and financing elements.

Mercuria has a proven track record in driving progress and efficiencies in areas such as digitalization, inventory management, and market standardization. The company is proud to extend this expertise to the wider industry, including to the new renewable energy landscape.

Mercuria is committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition and is proud to be leading the way by advocating the sharing of trade information, thus increasing the prosperity of all stakeholders.

Mercuria’s strategy is to support producers and consumers of commodities and support the global energy transition that needs to happen. Part of this support is to continue to minimize market disruption to energy supplies and ensure that markets remain balanced, thereby reducing volatility in the markets.

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