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Mercuria adds value throughout the entire commodity supply chain.

Our expertise in connecting supply with demand, transforming products, and efficiently operating an infrastructure and logistics network, means we can fully support and risk manage the entire supply chain.

Our counterparts therefore look to us as a strategic service provider.

The physical commodity sectors in which Mercuria operates can become fragmented and volatile due to market fundamentals. This results in discrepancies between commodity prices across geographic locations or time periods. Our role is to close these gaps and facilitate the rebalancing of market fundamentals.

We specialize in sourcing, transporting, blending, and storing relevant commodities to correct price discrepancies. Although arbitrage opportunities may vary between commodities, our primary strategies include geographic, technical, time, and contractual.

Our portfolio of assets is diverse and spread across different regions.

It includes oil terminals, bio-refineries, metal warehouses, upstream assets for oil, gas, and dry bulk commodities, and renewable energy production. Mercuria is also at the forefront of emerging energy technologies, facilitating the integration of new sources such as solar and wind into the energy mix.

Global footprint

Mercuria strongly believes that having a physical presence close to our customers is the most effective way to identify and respond to their needs as well as giving us the best opportunity to maintain product, logistic and fundamental intelligence.  Having a close physical presence to producers and consumers also means that Mercuria is able to optimize the supply chain through our ability to move, store and blend commodities using our own assets, or by accessing third-party infrastructure.  We have therefore opened new offices in strategic geographical areas and expanded several of our existing representative offices.  Our commitment to providing high quality services is as the forefront of all these endeavours.  

Mercuria is geographically diversified, operating in more than 50 countries. Regular activity across geographies and markets delivers a depth of intelligence and understanding that enables the Group to identify short, medium and longterm trends, and therefore adapt our business model to suit our customers needs.  The three major trading regions in which we operate are: Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia, and the Americas. These are also referred to as hubs, with each one offering multi-product diversification. Our geographic diversification means are well positioned to immediately react to situations in any region of the world. 

What we trade

Over the past two decades, Mercuria has expanded its trading portfolio from crude oil to a wide range of energy and environmental products. We now offer biodiesel, natural gas, power, environmental products, liquefied natural gas (LNG), dry bulk commodities, soft commodities, and base metals. The diversity of our business operations is one of Mercuria’s core strengths, enabling us to respond quickly to market changes and developments.

A notable advantage of Mercuria’s diversified approach is the ability to mitigate risks posed by adverse market conditions in any particular segment of the product portfolio. As a diversified trader, Mercuria can effectively respond to the increasing number of cross-commodity challenges and solutions.

Our assets

In addition to its trading and financial business, Mercuria also holds interests in a substantial and diverse range of operating assets. These assets include entities where Mercuria has full equity ownership, as well as entities where it is a partner with equity ranging from majority to minority shareholding. Mercuria also conducts business with a number of entities where it does not have equity, but provides financing for the entity’s operations or strategic assistance with sourcing feedstocks or marketing of offtake from the entity. All of the operating assets where Mercuria is involved are related to the energy commodities markets, and provide the Group with strategic opportunities to stay abreast of developing market conditions and meet the demands of Mercuria’s physical customer base.

Historically, Mercuria’s primary asset holdings have been in entities engaged in traditional fossil-fuel based energy production. However, the Group’s portfolio of assets is rapidly transitioning to have a substantial interest in evolving technologies, non-traditional energy production, and technological metals. Mercuria is well underway with the ongoing evolution of its asset base to meet our publicly stated commitment of having half of our investments in green or renewable energies and technologies by 2025. Beyond this, we have already achieved our public commitment to achieve net neutrality for GHG emissions resulting from our business operations by 2050, when we took the decision to offset our scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions for 2022.

We believe that through our investments in these evolving technologies and more sustainable energy production methods, we are actively helping in the global energy transition. In this manner, we envision a sustainable method of continuing to support our customers’ energy needs not only today, but well into the future.

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