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The shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable and renewable sources of energy is driven by a need to halt climate change, reduce pollution, and improve energy security. Advancements in technology are also making renewable energy sources more cost effective and accessible.

The world needs to change to a global energy system that is reliable, affordable and sustainable. Mercuria plays an active role by promoting sustainability and investing in technologies and infrastructure that advance the transition to this low-carbon economy.

We don’t have the solution, but we must go into action. We are a private company, who can act with speed and scale. We have committed that half of our investments will be in all parts of the energy transition by 2025. We are well ahead of this goal and have invested in over 50 different companies across a range of sectors from innovative start-ups offering EV charging and vehicle-to-grid services to large-scale renewable power projects and companies that convert biomass or non-recyclable waste into alternative fuels or raw materials as well as carbon-capture and nature-based solutions.

Here you can read about some of the companies that we have invested in or partnered with as part of our contribution to the future transformation of the energy sector.

2022 profiles


ClearFlame Engine Technologies is an innovation company that has developed technology to power heavy-duty engines with clean, renewable fuels that can be rapidly integrated and scaled for a variety of heavy-duty sectors. Mercuria has invested in ClearFlame since 2021.


REEtec has developed a proprietary, cost-efficient, and sustainable technology to manufacture high-purity “magnet metals” critical for the energy transition. In November of 2022, Mercuria invested in REEtec and obtained a significant minority position.

HUB Ocean

HUB Ocean is a non-profit, technological foundation that is dedicated to unlocking and sharing ocean data. Established in 2019, it is the first thematic centre dedicated to the ocean. In May of 2021, HUB Ocean and Mercuria announced an important strategic partnership.

The Mobility House

The Mobility House is a pioneer in the development of first- and second-life battery storage systems as well as the realization of numerous vehicle-to-grid applications with renowned partners. Mercuria has invested in The Mobility House since 2021.

2021 profiles


N+P is based in the Netherlands and is a pioneer in the field of waste derived alternative fuel production and supply. In 2021 N+P Group and Mercuria announced a strategic partnership.


Brian Mennell, Techmet’s Chairman and CEO, explains how the company is focused on environmentally and socially responsible mining to produce the specialty metals and chemicals essential for electrification. Mercuria acquired a significant minority stake in TechMet in April 2021.


CWP is the leading independent renewable energy developer in Southeast Europe and Australia, and in 2021, Mercuria Energy Trading joined forces with them to complete development and build out of CWP’s renewable energy portfolio in Southeast Europe.

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