The purpose of Mercuria’s Corporate Social Responsibility Reports are to enable us to communicate effectively and transparently with our stakeholders about our governance, our strategy and our achievements.

We are committed to maintaining constructive communication with our stakeholders, both external as well as with our employees around the globe.

Continued dialogue ensures that key issues are understood and addressed by all parties in a timely, and coordinated manner.

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Mercuria looks for opportunities to participate in industry initiatives, industry associations and working groups which aid communication and progress in our industry, as well as supporting published guidelines and initiatives wherever appropriate.

We are taking a new approach for the fifth annual CSR report that we have prepared by Mercuria. First, we are including a longer timeframe description of the activities that we undertake using the 4 pillars of the WEF reporting framework – governance, planet, people and prosperity – as well as an overview of the Mercuria group. Second, we are including data and analysis that refers to the specifics of our activities in the 2022 calendar year as an additional section called Progress in 2022 and using the same framework.

As with our 2021 CSR report and in line with our internal commitment to reduce our consumption of paper we have created this user-friendly, dedicated CSR website to share this report with you.

We work hard to improve our data each year and are pleased with the progress we have made in a number of areas including our calculation of our group Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. We now include numbers from our non-ocean transportation as well as reporting the GHG emissions from our chartered and owned vessels.

As with previous CSR reports, we include information about many of Mercuria’s activities and the activities of companies and assets where Mercuria has operational or management control. Supplementary information about our policies and activities is published on our website www.mercuria.com.

Mercuria is committed to contributing to the transition to cleaner fuels and we are focused on this throughout our business. We have detailed in this report the internal targets we have set ourselves, and our progress against them.

Our diversified asset portfolio reflects the changing industry and its emerging energy resources which are presenting Mercuria with a huge opportunity to develop our business in a more sustainable manner.

We pride ourselves on setting high benchmarks and standards in relation to responsible trading. Throughout this report we are pleased to share with you how Mercuria sets and achieves these standards to maintain our market leading position in this regard.

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