responsible sourcing

Mercuria’s role is integral to the entire commodities supply chain. We enable our customers and business partners to buy, sell and ship the raw materials needed for manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure.

We recognize that we can play a key role in the promotion of social and environmental best practice when extracting, handling, processing and transporting commodities. We are therefore committed to always act responsibly.

Mercuria’s relationships with suppliers and customers plays a key role in achieving this aim and in minimizing adverse social and environmental impacts.

Supply chain due diligence

Supply chain due diligence by market participants is particularly critical when sourcing the new technology metals required for the energy transition.  Regulators play their part in forcing high standards of due diligence to ensure that companies and their financiers are scrutinising the entities from whom they are sourcing and we are seeing lots of movements in this regard. 

Mercuria is focused on building long-term commercial relationships that will benefit the communities in which we operate and the markets in which we trade.

Our intent is to source all commodities in an ethical manner, always adhering to internationally recognized standards and demonstrating best in class practices. We also hold ourselves firmly accountable to our own business values and high ethical standards.

Mercuria has committed to adhering to the following six key principles throughout our supply chains:

  1. Prevention of serious abuses associated with the extraction, handling, processing, transportation, and trade of commodities.
  2. Implementation of Risk Management measures for serious abuses
  3. Prevention of Bribery and Fraudulent misrepresentation at the origin of commodities
  4. Prevention of Money Laundering
  5. Protocols for the use of Public or Private Security Forces
  6. Ensuring timely payment of taxes, fees and royalties requested by local governments

Mercuria requires all suppliers within our supply chain to follow these principles, they therefore form the basis of our contractual agreements. Additionally, using a risk-based approach, we conduct thorough risk assessments of our supply chains though on-the-ground, digital and third party providers checks.

We conduct our business with integrity and transparency; ensuring that action is quickly undertaken, by our own teams of those of our partners, to remedy any issues that are identified through our audit process or through assessments commissioned by independent third parties.

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