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HUB Ocean is a non-profit, technological foundation that is dedicated to unlocking and sharing ocean data. Established in 2019, it is the first thematic centre dedicated to the ocean.




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In May of 2021, HUB Ocean and Mercuria announced an important strategic partnership.

Established in 2019 by the Aker Group and the World Economic Forum network of Fourth Industrial Revolution Centres worldwide, HUB Ocean is the first thematic Centre dedicated to the ocean.

Companies rarely share their emission data beyond the minimum required by regulation, which varies all over the world. This makes it challenging to calculate the emissions of the world fleet. Mercuria took an important step forward as a progressive industry player by increasing transparency of its shipping data and sharing it with the HUB Ocean’ss flagship project Ocean Data Platform.

Why a partnership with HUB Ocean?

We believe that facts and data will provide ocean industries, research institutions, and nations the insight needed for improved decision-making. That is why we are dedicated to the sharing of ocean data.

Through our core product, the Ocean Data Platform, you can aggregate unprecedented volumes of diverse ocean data sets. The Ocean Data Platform itself is a global, open-source and integrated digital data ecosystem providing new and faster insight for the ocean we need and want.

But connecting the technological dots is not enough unless you connect people too; the scientists, the ocean managers, and the industry leaders. We bridge the divide by catalyzing innovation through combined data across all sectors. So, there you have it; HUB Ocean unleashes the power of data, technology, and people to change the fate of the ocean.
This partnership will bring about many synergies by combining Mercuria’s expertise in the global maritime industry with HUB Ocean’s expertise as an international provider of market-leading ocean and maritime technological solutions.

What does “unlocking ocean data” mean?

The Ocean Data Platform is the central tool in HUB Ocean’s effort to unlock the power of ocean data and change the fate of the ocean. We aim to become the world’s ocean data collaboration hub by liberating data often stuck in Silos from multiple sectors; science, industry, governments, and citizens and we have successfully integrated some of the world’s most important open oceanographic datasets onto our platform.

Our platform also includes the Ocean data connector – a powerful data science environment for exploring, analyzing, modeling, and visualizing data in the platform and from other external sources. With the Ocean Data Connector, we enable quicker access, integration, and analysis of the data in the cloud making it very easy and fast to draw insights.

We have also developed an important solution for the maritime transport sector – our successful application, the “Next generation shipping emissions tracker”. The solution is based on open AIS data (Automated Identification System), vessel particulars, and a calculation method from ICCT (International Council of Clean Transportation). The application makes it possible to trend greenhouse gas emissions from the global merchant shipping fleet. This partnership with Mercuria and their sharing of data enables HUB Ocean to compare our results in the application “Next Generation Shipping Emissions Tracking” with the real world for increased transparency and to tune our models using advanced machine learning techniques.

How is HUB Ocean driving Ocean impact in the industry?

We aim to accelerate data-driven solutions for 

  • Better science-based ocean management,
  • 6x more sustainable food from aquaculture and fisheries,
  • 40x more renewable energy by 2050,
  • Decarbonization of the shipping sector to achieve net-zero by 2050, and
  • To enable sustainable investments and risk management.

We do this through our significant partner ecosystem within science, government, and industries.


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